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intended audience

PhD Students


4 Hours


In an increasingly crowded and competitive academic market, ensuring that the right message is reaching the right audience is more important than ever. The course gives students an overview of the common pitfalls often encountered in academic writing and discusses the tools that will help them improve their own writing. It does not cover the mechanics of language or grammar, but it will introduce students to new ways of considering their written work. It is delivered through a mixture of lecture and facilitated activities.


After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify features of good and bad writing
  • Understand writing as a collaborative process between the writer and the reader
  • Consider how to adapt their writing to different audiences
  • Understand and overcome the “Curse of Knowledge”
  • Apply the 7 Cs of academic writing to their own work
  • Develop a writing plan to help deliver their work on time


  • “The course reminded me what is the best practice of writing and ways of communicating as clear as possible. Tappers and Listeners was a great example.”
  • “It was a mixture of structure, planning, style, checking and motivation. I have been to other courses and they focus on one or two and it isn’t definitive. So it is effective in doing all in four hours and then a person can look into whatever they feel the need to focus on after.”
  • “The toolbox supplied by this course is extensive and helps you to develop really good habits regarding time-management, proofreading and feedback.”
  • “I liked all the ideas for improving my writing. Also the helpful tips on getting started with writing as I find that the most difficult part.”
  • “Useful advice, directly applicable examples of common mistakes, guidance on many different tasks. It was comprehensive – I cannot think of anything that wasn’t touched upon.”

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