Training Courses

Encouraging clear written communication and helping researchers navigate the funding process is at the heart of Blue Eagle. These courses seek to establish good habits from the very start of an academic career.

Due to the pandemic, all courses are currently taught remotely or are available to take as a self-guided session.  

Proofreading and Editing

“Publish or perish” isn’t hyperbole: writing underpins everything in academia, from Masters and PhD dissertations to the latest conference submission or grant proposal. Having your written work proofread by a professional helps avoid errors that may undermine your credibility and ensures that your ideas are presented as clearly as possible.

One-to-One Sessions

In-depth feedback sessions delve into written work and highlight areas to focus on in future documents. This is a great option for those who wish to understand how they can improve the clarity of their language and the flow of the document.

Proposal Package

Going from an idea to a successfully funded grant proposal is challenging. Although I cannot guarantee funding, I can make the  EPSRC standard mode process a little easier by providing a thorough review of an application before its final submission.


I provide proofreading and editing services only.

If you are interested in freelance writing for other purposes, such as blogs, newspaper or magazine articles, or other content, please see my writing website.

While I do my best to ensure that proofreading, editing, and proposal reviews are delivered to the highest standards to help clients submit polished documents, I cannot guarantee an increase in grades or marks, acceptance to a conference, publication in a journal, or that a grant  will be successfully funded.

As each academic project is different, prices vary accordingly. Please contact me with a description of your work and I will provide you with a quote.

For proofreading and editing, prices range from £20.00 – £34.00 per 1000 words in alignment with the recommendations of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders; the rate is dependent on the level of work required and the desired turnaround time.

For a quote, please send the following information to and I will respond as soon as possible:

  • Total word count for the project: This will allow me to gauge how long the job will take; an approximate count is fine if the writing is still in progress.
  • Project type: If you would like a paper formatted according to publication guidelines, please let me know who you will be submitting to (a link to the guidance document is also much appreciated!). 
  • Deadline: Please let me know when you need the document returned and if you will have time to review comments before the submission date.
  • File type: Are you working with Word, Google Docs, PDF, or LaTeX?
  • A writing sample: A representative section of the paper will help me determine whether proofreading or editing is needed. I provide a free 500-750 word sample of my work using the document you send me.


I am experienced in proofreading and editing other writing styles such as fiction, websites and blogs, business documents, and even poetry. Please contact me with information about your project so that I can provide a quote.

Please drop me a line at or through the Contact form, and I will respond as soon as possible.